Shawn Vales Studio

Shawn Vales Studio

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I paint abstract forms which suggest a space somewhere between the physical and metaphysical scapes.  My intent is to create an experience where viewers are in flux between knowing and unknowing what they observe.

My process is emergent, which I parallel to nature's creative methods. In nature nothing is out of place despite the seemingly chaotic and spontaneous way things occur. Things of nature are not intended to be, accomplish or mean anything- all of it simply is. The significance of each creation is realized through interconnection with the environment.

Similarly, my work becomes part of an environmental space and the viewer engages the painting contributing to its interconnected meaning.

I currently have two ongoing bodies of work titled Involution and Evolution. If evolution can describe our change and growth in relation to our environment, then involution can describe our change and growth in relation to our self.

Involution is a body of intuitive works where I experiment and innovate application. Awe inspiring phenomena such as the elements, energy, matter, consciousness and cycles influence my aesthetic.

Evolution is a body of work which emerged out of Involution. The circle signify's my inspirations perfectly. Incorporating this shape creates a sense of balance and clarity, symbolically distinguishing the inner from the outer.


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